I made it from SORTED youtube channel,,, it’s easy, quick and fun to made it..




Thank you SORTED … They do a great Job..

Enjoy your summer



Only 1 day left…

Only 1 day left...

I have to buy a new CD of Norton to protect my laptop… 🙂


Good Morning.. :)

Good Morning.. :)

Taken by my sister..

Ramadan Mubarak



Wishing you & your family the blessings of Ramadan.
Ramadan Mubarak

أحببتهمـ في الله

أناس أحنوا إليهم كثيرا أريد رؤيتهم و تقبيل أياديهم الطاهرة
اشتاق إلى عناقهم الدافئة وأحاديثهم و قصصهم اللطيفة
وابتسامتهم…نظاراتهم التي يملؤها الأمل والحب
أريد رؤية تلك الوجه الطيبة بأي وسيلة
لكني لا أستطيع ذلك !!!!
لأنهم رحلوا إلى دار الخلود…
فيا الله اجمعنا بهم في جنة الفردوس و ارحمهم واغفر لهم…
                                                                                             اللهم آمينـــ  ‘‘‘


My first draw :$ ~ by using my slim table ….

I know it is not perfect But I love it ❤

I used paint program… Because I do not have (photoshop program) in my computer…. 😦

>>> My workshop ❤

Best Wishes ~

Something Miss!ng

عندما الثلج يتكسر ويناشد بالحب الطاهر (الحب في الله) الذي نفتقده الان~

Good Morn!ng

It is a nice thing >>> as I think when you take a photo by your Cam & write something on it then send it to your friends and this 4 you… 🙂

...I Hope you like it

Crochet World

Crochet world is my first topic that I will talk a lot about it>>> really is so nice

 and talking about it in my world is unexpected  never!!!  Why?

Because it is a new thing 4 me that I learned about it (in one month ago) & I am still learning

In next post I will let you Know about it & everything I know I will post

Let’s see a pics of crochet 

ETSY ~> more wonderful Pics

As yo see a lot of things you can made it >>> I Love crochet & I hope I will be a professional

What about yo my fr!ends ??  

See ya later with a new post….


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته